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David Snedeker is one of the most censored people by Big Tech. ≥

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David Snedeker
David predicted an upcoming plandemic in May of 2021... a year prior to CV-19
Wow Dave. You already knew. You already knew. No wonder you’re so passionate. What must it feel like to see that train coming, shout out to everyone as best you could “Look out there’s a train”! Then watch while that train plows through all of humanity. Wow. Thank you for all you do for us Dave. God bless you and your family.  Dixie Dronberger

He’s talking about the legislation that was passed on mandating childhood vaccines 2.5 years ago in spite of damage to kids. 

Do you see?? This was the beginning. 


Always speaks the truth.  Karen Rivera

Facebook Video Link. Time stamp: 1:19 “Soon they’ll be forcing adults to be vaccinated as well.”
Time stamp: 5:30 “The media that is reporting to you about the “Outbreak. The measles outbreak. And all these fake… remember the H1N1 Virus outbreak they were trying to inject all of us back then. And that failed to be true. Ok. The mainstream media is reporting this stuff folks. The mainstream media gets a third of their ad revenue from pharmaceutical companies. And we are going to still turn on THEIR television and watch CNN, we are going to watch NBC, we’re gonna watch CNBC, we’re gonna watch these JOKES? These people that are paid actors? Tell us what we should and should not do?
Listen to the language of their voices. Listen to the languages that they use, the verbage that they use is scripted for them to control us, to control our minds. We can’t say these people are idiots. These people aren’t idiots. These people are calculated. These people are paid to do exactly what they are presently doing. And that is committing fraud against the American people because they are lying to us in every way, shape and form. Not exactly true. They’ll tell you who won the ballgame and you validate that. They’ll tell you well it’s going to rain today and it rained today. They tell you there’s a fair down the street in your local community and there’s a fair there. Ok.
They’ll tell us just enough truths so that we trust them. And then they’re going to turn around and they’re going to lie to us. They are going to lie to us about the Russia collusion hoax, they are going to lie to us about whether or not vaccines are good for us. They’re going to lie to us about fluoride being good for us in our water. They are going to lie to us about so many things. I can’t even think right now because I’m so angry. Because we are being manipulated by these people. And we don’t even see it. And we don’t even understand it. And instead we argue that “Well the vaccines are good for us. We need the herd immunity. You know what animal is talked about when you talk about a herd? SHEEP. It’s time to stop acting like sheep folks. And wake up to the tyranny that is surrounding us. We don’t have freedom of choice anymore.”
David Snedeker said these words on May 22, 2021. The first Covid case in America came 8 months later.
I swear I love that man so much ❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏

Patricia Lynn Thomason

You haven’t changed a bit that’s the best part still a,warrior for the truth. Cindy Duncan

Enjoy the show and all the great information you tirelessly share with us. Marcella Ray

Shared. This is fantastic! Julie Blashinsky Blackledge
Dave has been trying to wake us up for so long ! Come on 
people! I have always known without Question, you are a noble, intelligent, and ethical man. Tracey Spath
Meet David Snedeker ≥

David Snedeker is a righteous individual who had his awakening fourteen years ago and is the host of The IndoctriNATION, a live broadcast available on several social platforms. Since his first 2019 Facebook Live show with a handful of viewers, David has turned his passion for awaking fellow humans into a worldwide following. These “Beautiful Humans” lovingly refer to themselves as “SnedHedz.” He has produced more than 400 live broadcasts viewed by hundreds of thousands.

Producing a live show was a natural evolution for David, who is as comfortable in front of a camera or a mic, as he is behind one. The former movie actor, producer, and director, known for films such as Standing Still and If You Only Knew, worked in Hollywood earlier in his career. He’s also accustomed to being in the spotlight, having played basketball on the high school, college, and professional levels.

The 6:15 p.m. (PST) broadcast attracts approximately 20,000 viewers per show and is shared more than 800 times daily.  The IndoctriNATION format includes David’s opening monologue, video and audio clips, viewer questions, fun factoids, and call-in guests. The show digs deep to help viewers better understand world events that just don’t make sense. The show’s name was inspired by David’s belief that humanity has been “indoctrinated” by world establishment institutions – and the dishonest media — to blindly follow false narratives and not question anything. His main message encourages people to think for themselves and question things that don’t add up.

Dave studied business administration at the University of Iowa and earned a bachelor of arts degree in American Studies and a minor in business from Providence College in Providence, R.I. He also got halfway towards his M.B.A. before starting his own company. He attended New York Film Academy classes in directing, producing, and writing, and holds the master practitioner designation in neuro-linguistic programming.  As well as founding and leading a company that developed technology for oil sand & oil shale separation. Bledrock, LLC, developed proprietary and clean oil sand extraction technology. As CEO, he managed investments and investor relations, human resources, business plan creation, research and development, communication, and digital strategy. He is a California resident priding himself on being a free-thinker and social justice advocate, in favor of holistic healing.

Best described as valorous, he is a man who is an engaging speaker, cares for others and continues to be optimistic. He fosters collaboration, team-building, and unity. He’s most fulfilled when sharing his broad knowledge to enlighten others, encouraging them to awaken to the reality of The IndoctriNATION.